Reports and Insights

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Automated Reports

Instantly generate comprehensive reports at the end of each inspection, ready to be reviewed and submitted.

  • Automated Insights
  • Geo-tagged images, location, timestamps, and username to save even more time.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Automated reports, and distribution with verified locations and expenses


Track live locations, expenses and pictures.

Automated reports and emails

Automated email of reports, just one-click, to managers, heads of departments, can be quickly reviewed, approved, or rejected accordingly.

Easy access

Immediate access to reports, stored, and retrieved anytime, from the mobile app or the desktop interface.

Analyse Trends

Insightful and well-structured reports to increase tracking, better decisions and performance-based recognition.

Automated Expense Verification

Automatic verification of expenses and orders, assess the overall performance.

Real-Time Orders

Ability to track and manage Real-Time orders and performance.

Other great features of EYBII

1. Attendance Tracking

Real-time Attendance tracking with Geo-tagged images, location address.

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2. Role-Based Access

Access rights based on user role. Restrict access to sites and features by user.

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3. Performance Tracking

Performance and Tracking reports at one place

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